Me, The Storm, and You

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Closer and closer…
Persistently so;
Through the night thick with darkness;
As the heavens weep a mournful deluge;

A subtle panic begins to set in;
Visions of possible outcomes flashing through;
Emotions completely roiled;
Coherent thought blindsided by the swelter of apprehension;
Long and deeply nurtured terrors swell to the surface;

Intensely ingrained responses…
Through the blinding rainfall;
Then, anger;
Torrents of it;
Upsets worn like a coat of mail;
Lashing out;
Barbs a-plenty;
Offense rooted in weapons of life-draining substance;

On and on…
The story goes;
As though following some pre-ordained script;
Face turned into the wind;
One eye raised to the tumult above;
Completely drenched;
But still there;

More like hoping;
One day, this storm will end;
I draw up the collar of my coat;
One more look beyond the turbulent canopy;
I turn and through the now persistent puddles;
Gently walk away…

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