I have written a bunch of stuff over the years. Someone once asked me what inspired some of those writings. Love mostly, to be honest, and as you would see for yourself.

I used to write in all sorts of places – notepads, class notebooks, choir notes, post-it notes. When I finally got my first desktop computer several years ago, I had the inspiration to put them all in a single MS Word document. I have not regretted that decision. I recently came across that file in my archives, and decided to share. Interestingly, it is the things that I have written in recent times that for some reason, I cannot now find where they are.

Reading through some of the stuff, brings with it some nostalgia. I try to recall the circumstances that gave birth to the words. A lot of happy memories and sad ones too. Things that could have been… (pause), and things that should not have been…

So I hope you enjoy reading some of these posts. Please feel free to tell what you think about them.

Sometimes, looking back indeed does help one appreciate the future.

God bless.


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