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Achilles, born of an immortal! Dipped into the river Styx as a baby, he became invulnerable. However, the heel of his right leg was not soaked by the magical water and that became a disadvantage. The weakness was exploited in the battle of Troy when an enemy shot at him with an arrow. The projectile pierced the vulnerable heel…..

Saint, born of God! Baptized into the blood of the lamb, comes out complete in Him Who is the Head of all principalities and powers. Yet besieged by human frailties and weaknesses on a worldly battle field to the dismay of the God whose genes he bears. Saint, bowed and bloodied by the trials of life, hangs his head, consumed by the thoughts of the thorns of his fleshly disadvantages….

However, a disadvantaged Saint is in good company….

Sarah: 90yr old infertile woman with physiologically packed up…

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