#TheNigeriaWeWant: A Letter to a Social Activist

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter meets you well.

I followed the discussion on Twitter on #TheNigeriaWeWant with keen interest and I must appreciate the courage, vision, and passion for this our great country Nigeria. May God Almighty strengthen you to fulfill this task.

I believe in this change. I believe it is time for things to change. I believe that lasting change can only come from within the individual (and in context, from within the particular society that requires/desires the change).

I know about you sir and I am told you are Christian. I have seen a few things you have written and it appears you are quite knowledgeable about God’s Word. Based on these critical assumptions, I have a few things to say and I crave your kind indulgence to be patient and read.

If this movement is to succeed, it MUST of necessity be birthed in the Spirit. If this vision is to have long lasting impact (beyond our generation and even those of our children), it MUST again of necessity be birthed in the Spirit. One could feel the excitement on Twitter. The people are hungry for change. For decades now, they have known nothing good about this nation. So, they will follow you. You have a voice, you have the words, you can motivate them, and they will respond to you. They will respond because what you would be saying would appeal to a yearning inside of them; desire on the brink of fulfillment is what it . Things would start, things would even begin to change; but for how long?

If this movement is a man trying to fulfill a vision in his head/heart of a future reality for his nation, then it will be like the story that Gamaliel told the members of the council in Jerusalem in Acts 5 vs. 34-39. I like his last words on this issue… “… but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it…”. The truth is that God does not do the will of man. God only fulfills His own counsel and will on the earth. He has placed us here to enforce divine rule upon a corrupt world. When we align our desires/visions/aspirations with what He wants to do, then we can through His power bring about change relevant to the people and society.

A spiritual movement is only birthed by a few people who understand the workings of God. As you know, God does not need too many people to do what He wants to do. The result could be an uprising for change, a powerful social movement that would have sweeping effects. The hallmark, would be that it would endure. Beyond you, beyond me, beyond the instruments that God used to bring it about (ref. Christianity). Painful to note is that nothing may come out of it, primarily because the people are not ready for it, and would abuse it if given to them (these are part of my frustrations with God in this whole Nigeria thing). God will not be willing to change things for a people who are unwilling to repent. Also, social movements historically result in social change, and not in repentance (which brings about enduring change). Some people will be quick to say , “we are tired of praying; it is time for action”. I tend to agree (funnily though). Question is, who are the people praying? What exactly are they praying? How clean are their hands and hearts? Critical questions for a spiritual revolution.

I write to you as one who is wise and discerning and in whom the Spirit of the Sovereign God is. If the people will follow you, then you follow God. Give them His agenda, not yours. Bring them to true change that starts with a change of heart. Morality alone cannot unravel this morass.

As one fellow servant to another…

God bless.

9 thoughts on “#TheNigeriaWeWant: A Letter to a Social Activist

  1. Finally, here’s a write up that’s neither cliche nor shallow. I often wonder too who the praying ppl are and what they are praying for. From my experience, nigerians pray for themselves not for the land, gov, or the ppl. Even so I’m one of the ppl who think prayer is the key. And as much as I know that the “righteous” would be the most appropriate interssessors, I don’t think they have to be a million righteous b4 God will move in the land. I’m not familiar with the #thenigeriawewant but I sure would be estatic if its gonna make some ppl pray more.

    1. Dear Zuby,
      Thank you for this comment. The #TheNigeriaWeWant is something I’m very excited about. It’s a movement for change which was kicked off on Saturday in Lagos. Fela Durotoye and a number of other people are involved in this. We need lasting change, not something that is here for today and gone tomorrow.
      May God help them with this vision and may it work well is my prayer.
      Thanks once again

  2. Your thots r right but how many pple r ready to make the sacrifice of righteousness to lead the change every one desires.

  3. Thoughtful piece… Because the issue is not just a change, but a sustainable change and only in Gods will can we find sustenance.
    Nice one.

  4. The truth is that many Nigerians think only of today not tomorrow neither the future. We are too preoccupied with the ‘small’ personnal successes of today as against patritotism, nationhood and our collective prosperity. It seem it no longer matters if Nigeria becomes worse than she is already so far ‘ I can survive and manage to make ends meet’.

    There is hardly anything to bequeath to the next generation, yet we are unperturbed. It is like a farmer who harvests his crops from a successful farming season and eats all leaving nothing for the next planting season. He may be surviving now but death surely awaits him. Where there is no vision, the people perish so said the scriptures.

    It takes a man that is willing to lose all personal achievements, be the sacrificial ‘Isaac’ and the Esther (If I perish I perish) to cause a change for others to enjoy. John Knox said ‘ Give me Scotland or I die’.

    Change does not come easy or cheap. There is a huge price to pay.

    Are you willing to be sacrificed for posterity?.

    1. …..and whereas someone somewhere and sometimes ago paid the price for the continuity of our “system”. Everybody wants to “reap to the root” not minding if the land becomes desolate! What a myopic way of thinking. You and I can reverse this order and do it right. We’ve got to live sacrificial lives; we’ve got to leave inheritance for the generations to come….

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