From the Yesteryears Series Collection


Wait; the longest four letter word in the English vocabulary
One of the rarest of virtues in this microwave age of ours
One whose undercurrents are those of great patience, the milieu in which perfect men are spawned

Wait! They say

Wait! He says
“Why? I sometimes reply”
And at other times when I lack the boldness to query, every fiber of my being shouts it out loud

Wait! He says
Ah! Oh so difficult it seems
All systems on the go
Engines fully revved
Gears engaged
Oh, oh! there go the brakes!

Wait! He says
“You do not understand at all, I want this stuff like yesterday”
“Yeah, got to grab these things now”
“Come on!! You know I need it now”

“Ah, ah now! This stuff looks real good”
“It sure feels good inside my heart”
“I even told you about it”

“How can you say that?”
“Golden opportunities fly-by like migrant birds in search of better climate”
“It looks to me like it is now or not at all”

Life is too short to live in regret, ensnared in its cold embrace

I love you

I make all things beautiful in my time

And mount up with wings and soar higher than the eagles

Renew your strength
Get a loading dose of all you need to do what you have to

I have the inside scoop on opportunity!

I make things happen

Let me lift you up
Let me give you what you truly need

For I am coming
I am always on time
Never have been late
Never missed an appointment

Can see what you cannot
Hear what you do not
I explore the secret places of life

You can never be better than I can make you

Can You?

From the Yesteryears Series Collection

Can you fill the loneliness of my heart?
Can you occupy the seat of my innermost desire?
Can you touch the deepest parts of me?
Can you reach the real me, reaching to the place where it really counts?
Can my pain be your pain?
Can you feel exactly what I feel and would the feeling be strange to you?
Can you stand by me and be there for me always
Can you uphold me in the face of my greatest weakness?
Can your strength be mine?
Can your heart make room for me?
Can you cause me to fully mend from the abuse and exploitation of my past?
Can your balm soothe my soul and bring a healing my way?
Can you sustain my hope and fulfill my joy
Can you satisfy my deepest hunger, bringing nourishment to the very core of my being?
Can you be the tender of the garden of my heart, causing pleasant and fragrant flowers and choice fruit to so sweetly blossom and grow?
Can you extract from the ore my pure form, causing me to shine and to glow?
Can you remove from me crudeness, bringing polish and culture?
Can you discern that which words cannot express?
Can you fathom the depths of their intensity?
Can you sate the longing, the yearning, the hunger, the thirst, and my innermost cravings?
Can you wipe the tears from my eyes and plug the fountain deep within?
Can you love me the way nobody else can?

For So Long

From the Yesteryears Series Collection

To Take My Breath Away
To Take My Breath Away

For so long I have waited, waited for this time to come, waiting for the time you would come

My past has been spent in preparation, being groomed by all of life’s circumstances and situations that I’ve had to go through, both the good and the bad, keeping me in readiness for the time you would manifest

The times and years gone by may have been spent in preparing me, but from the moment you walk in, the rest of our years would be spent in consolidation

All that I’ve been through was all in a bid to make sure that when you arrived, you would not be coming to precious material that had no value

I think about you and wonder how it would be. How we would chart our own course (with God leading us) through the uncharted regions of Loveland

How we would scale the mountains, run through the valleys, swim the currents and then step out on the other side into our resting places

How we would go through the processes, two rough stones being continually rubbed together until all the rough edges of our lives are smoothened out and we fit snugly into each other

How we would accomplish God’s great purpose for our lives, fulfilling our destiny and the purpose for which we were brought together

Come, take my hand, let us walk through life with fulfillment and great love

Come, let us manifest the glory of the ONE who made us

Come, let us enter into our wealthy place, prepared before we were made

Come, bring the favor of God into my life and be the crown on my head


Jewel of inestimable price

Rare and precious gem

The desire of kings and of men of valor

Come, enter into my life

There is a place waiting for you

A place that only you can fill

With You

From the Yesteryears Series Collection…


Here I sit gazing at the golden glory that is the setting sun

Beholding it surrounded by clouds tinged with purplish blue and a mosaic of clouds of different shapes, sizes and consistency

This great sight is always a wonder to behold

All my life I have always sat down to watch this great phenomenon, but hitherto have always done it alone

Now, all I want to do from this time and for as long as I have breath, is never to gaze upon this great wonder alone each time it appears

I want you to be beside me at every golden sunset

To be by my side as we appreciate together the splendor of God’s creation

I want to look in your eyes and see the golden tones reflected in them

To see the smile on your face as the sun caresses everything in sight with its warm and golden touch

I want to see the admiration on your face for such a timeless and priceless work of art, the inspiration of many a great artist

And from then on and forever, to look forward to every golden sunset that would grace our lives


I have written a bunch of stuff over the years. Someone once asked me what inspired some of those writings. Love mostly, to be honest, and as you would see for yourself.

I used to write in all sorts of places – notepads, class notebooks, choir notes, post-it notes. When I finally got my first desktop computer several years ago, I had the inspiration to put them all in a single MS Word document. I have not regretted that decision. I recently came across that file in my archives, and decided to share. Interestingly, it is the things that I have written in recent times that for some reason, I cannot now find where they are.

Reading through some of the stuff, brings with it some nostalgia. I try to recall the circumstances that gave birth to the words. A lot of happy memories and sad ones too. Things that could have been… (pause), and things that should not have been…

So I hope you enjoy reading some of these posts. Please feel free to tell what you think about them.

Sometimes, looking back indeed does help one appreciate the future.

God bless.