Rock Bottom

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My skies are dark; thick clouds obscure even the faintest hint of light.
My world is cold. My heart colder still…
With one stroke, every iota of warmth sucked from within and without;

Yes the wind! Such ferocity, my life has scarcely experienced.
Everything bows in its wake, my head and my pride inclusive;
Rain, torrents of misery cast upon my beleaguered soul…

Long I had thought this storm would pass.
Long had I longed for but a sliver of golden ray.
My feet have long become dead weights, unsure, so unsteady.
When I begin to feel the purchase of solid ground, the next step, an icy cold murk bath.
The vestiges of warmth receding with every drop.
Cold like the tendrils of a wild vine creeping into my marrow;

Even if I were a vessel of the seas, such a tempest would my bows have overwhelmed;

How much lower can a person feel?
Even when I stumble upon some rare shelter amongst this bleakness,
The elements do conspire and short-lived is my succour;

In my despair I abhor even myself, despising what I have let become…

Oh God!… Oh God!!!


From the Yesteryears Series Collection


Wait; the longest four letter word in the English vocabulary
One of the rarest of virtues in this microwave age of ours
One whose undercurrents are those of great patience, the milieu in which perfect men are spawned

Wait! They say

Wait! He says
“Why? I sometimes reply”
And at other times when I lack the boldness to query, every fiber of my being shouts it out loud

Wait! He says
Ah! Oh so difficult it seems
All systems on the go
Engines fully revved
Gears engaged
Oh, oh! there go the brakes!

Wait! He says
“You do not understand at all, I want this stuff like yesterday”
“Yeah, got to grab these things now”
“Come on!! You know I need it now”

“Ah, ah now! This stuff looks real good”
“It sure feels good inside my heart”
“I even told you about it”

“How can you say that?”
“Golden opportunities fly-by like migrant birds in search of better climate”
“It looks to me like it is now or not at all”

Life is too short to live in regret, ensnared in its cold embrace

I love you

I make all things beautiful in my time

And mount up with wings and soar higher than the eagles

Renew your strength
Get a loading dose of all you need to do what you have to

I have the inside scoop on opportunity!

I make things happen

Let me lift you up
Let me give you what you truly need

For I am coming
I am always on time
Never have been late
Never missed an appointment

Can see what you cannot
Hear what you do not
I explore the secret places of life

You can never be better than I can make you