Me, The Storm, and You

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Closer and closer…
Persistently so;
Through the night thick with darkness;
As the heavens weep a mournful deluge;

A subtle panic begins to set in;
Visions of possible outcomes flashing through;
Emotions completely roiled;
Coherent thought blindsided by the swelter of apprehension;
Long and deeply nurtured terrors swell to the surface;

Intensely ingrained responses…
Through the blinding rainfall;
Then, anger;
Torrents of it;
Upsets worn like a coat of mail;
Lashing out;
Barbs a-plenty;
Offense rooted in weapons of life-draining substance;

On and on…
The story goes;
As though following some pre-ordained script;
Face turned into the wind;
One eye raised to the tumult above;
Completely drenched;
But still there;

More like hoping;
One day, this storm will end;
I draw up the collar of my coat;
One more look beyond the turbulent canopy;
I turn and through the now persistent puddles;
Gently walk away…

Can You?

From the Yesteryears Series Collection

Can you fill the loneliness of my heart?
Can you occupy the seat of my innermost desire?
Can you touch the deepest parts of me?
Can you reach the real me, reaching to the place where it really counts?
Can my pain be your pain?
Can you feel exactly what I feel and would the feeling be strange to you?
Can you stand by me and be there for me always
Can you uphold me in the face of my greatest weakness?
Can your strength be mine?
Can your heart make room for me?
Can you cause me to fully mend from the abuse and exploitation of my past?
Can your balm soothe my soul and bring a healing my way?
Can you sustain my hope and fulfill my joy
Can you satisfy my deepest hunger, bringing nourishment to the very core of my being?
Can you be the tender of the garden of my heart, causing pleasant and fragrant flowers and choice fruit to so sweetly blossom and grow?
Can you extract from the ore my pure form, causing me to shine and to glow?
Can you remove from me crudeness, bringing polish and culture?
Can you discern that which words cannot express?
Can you fathom the depths of their intensity?
Can you sate the longing, the yearning, the hunger, the thirst, and my innermost cravings?
Can you wipe the tears from my eyes and plug the fountain deep within?
Can you love me the way nobody else can?