To My King

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It has been years and years…
I remember walking down the street so many years ago
Thinking about how You had worked things out at that time
And marveling at Your ability to put things rightly together

You are the very substance of my existence
Master Orchestrator of all events
Closer than the air I breathe
You make my world full of meaning

You are my glory, my shield and because of You
I can lift my head and walk tall among the people

On occasion, it had been terribly rough and tough
But looking back, I realize that in those times, underneath me were the Everlasting Arms

I have not always been as good as I should
But not for once have You closed Your arms to me nor turned Your face away from my prayer

They say You are the fairest of ten thousand
But considering that the English language is limited
How could anything they ever say ever begin to describe You?

My deepest desires
My greatest longings
Yearnings that words cannot begin to express
But when placed beside You
Nothingness, emptiness…

In You, I find nothing lacking in myself
When I sense Your hand upon me
Nothing in this world is difficult to achieve

The joy You bring
I have not seen the like anywhere else
I know that for a fact, cos many a thing I have tried but…

My greatest pleasure is to kneel before You
Lifting a song that declares Your glory
Sitting behind the keys and gently playing an unwritten melody
That only You can provide the words for

You are the love of my life, Jesus
My hope in this life and so much more
My King, You make all the difference in life
To You alone, on this day
I pledge my whole existence

Ah, if not for You
If not for You…

The Dance

A big bonfire is lit and burning brightly in the village square. People milling about the whole place. Talking, laughing out loudly.

A drummer sets up a rhythm and a dance begins. Young men come out to dance. Maidens join them.

The music picks up in pace and intensity. The dancing becoming more and more frenzied. Hoops, twists and turns, jumping with shouts of merriment, gyrations to and off beat. Sweat pouring off the bodies of the dancers.

With reckless abandon they danced. All decorum and control abandoned as they gave heed to the beat of the drums.

Other musicians joined the fray and as the melody blossomed, so did the dance.

She stood out among all the females.

Light skinned and lithe footed, she pranced around like an angry tigress, even though almost at the same time she appeared as graceful as a deer in her footing.

He watched her from across the fire.

His mind was too consumed with weighty matters to join in the dance. But watch her he did.

Something about the way she moved seemed to interfere with his thought patterns and break his moody reflections.

Watch her he did.

Oblivious to his intent gaze, she gave herself to the dance.

From across the fires, she held the fullness of his concentration. Every other thought was now gone. There he stood as though bewitched by some magical force exuding from her dance.

And dance she did.

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He felt himself moving, drawing closer and closer to the fire. Trying not to lose any view of her. Closer and closer he came.

It was as though she sensed his coming. For with every step he took, the intensity of her dancing increased.

The closer, the fiercer.

He walked slowly as though in a trance.

She danced even more with reckless abandon.

The closer he came, the more aggressively she danced.

The heat was the first warning as he nearly stepped into the fire under the spell she had cast with her dance.

And as he cried out in pain, she suddenly stopped dancing and crouched on the ground on all fours.

Their gazes locked across the fire for time too slow to be counted.

She got up very slowly, still holding his gaze.

She turned and walked slowly into the village.

From across the fire he watched her go. His heart beating as though he was the one in the dance.

Inexplicably, He couldn’t move his feet to follow her.

Something he would regret till his dying breath.

Self-Inflicted: Nigeria’s Problems

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There are many who agonize over Nigeria. Their agony arises from the seemingly intractable nature of the country’s issues. If you fall into that category, you are in good company. 

It appears that as our national issues have worsened, our collective behavior has taken a nose dive. 

I watch with sadness and sometimes amusement how people drive. Well dressed and likely very educated people, without qualms run red lights, drive against traffic, turn 2-lane roads into 5, and then wonder why the traffic is so bad. 

I see the recklessness, the carelessness, and more painfully, the selfishness that currently pervades our society. 

It is so easy to blame it all on corruption as though corruption was some nameless fellow that lives on some street down the road and is going about causing all the issues. 

When for instance a 2-lane road is turned into 5-lanes due to impatience and a total lack of common sense, and then at the outlet, the 5 lanes are trying to merge, and traffic is backed up for miles, please tell me, how did corruption cause it?

If we all had the sense to keep to our lanes, and the patience to follow each other, we would have a lot less traffic #JustSaying #ThinkAboutIt. 

Was talking with a lady who was telling me how she had been praying and God had been leading her; about 45 minutes later, I found out that she had been doing procurements for her organization and hiking the costs.

I have said that our public institutions started dying and crumbling when civil servants started stealing government money and having access to things they normally would not be able to afford, based on their salaries e.g. private schools (at all levels), private hospitals, treatment abroad etc. 

You steal money meant to repair roads or build schools, or hospitals, or do something for the public good! Then you buy houses that then lie fallow for years on end. 

You go to church or the mosque and you spend time praying for Nigeria. The following day, you get to work and then steal government money, or cheat the hapless customer who came to your shop to buy something, or you may even travel to China and deliberately bring in substandard materials and equipment for people to buy! Then you turn around and blame it on corruption! What fools we have become. 

We vote in elections for public office holders. Then they get into office and run us off the roads because they want to pass. With no care for law or order, then consistently drive against traffic or pay absolutely no attention to traffic rules. I will not even get into the issue of stealing money. 

Honestly, we have become a bunch of educated idiots. We need to take responsibility for our actions and pay the commensurate prices for our misdemeanors. Then again, our justice system is broken. 

In summary, the host of our problems are self-inflicted. 

So, this is my question, what is your contribution to this morass?

We really really need to do better than this.