With You

From the Yesteryears Series Collection…


Here I sit gazing at the golden glory that is the setting sun

Beholding it surrounded by clouds tinged with purplish blue and a mosaic of clouds of different shapes, sizes and consistency

This great sight is always a wonder to behold

All my life I have always sat down to watch this great phenomenon, but hitherto have always done it alone

Now, all I want to do from this time and for as long as I have breath, is never to gaze upon this great wonder alone each time it appears

I want you to be beside me at every golden sunset

To be by my side as we appreciate together the splendor of God’s creation

I want to look in your eyes and see the golden tones reflected in them

To see the smile on your face as the sun caresses everything in sight with its warm and golden touch

I want to see the admiration on your face for such a timeless and priceless work of art, the inspiration of many a great artist

And from then on and forever, to look forward to every golden sunset that would grace our lives


I have written a bunch of stuff over the years. Someone once asked me what inspired some of those writings. Love mostly, to be honest, and as you would see for yourself.

I used to write in all sorts of places – notepads, class notebooks, choir notes, post-it notes. When I finally got my first desktop computer several years ago, I had the inspiration to put them all in a single MS Word document. I have not regretted that decision. I recently came across that file in my archives, and decided to share. Interestingly, it is the things that I have written in recent times that for some reason, I cannot now find where they are.

Reading through some of the stuff, brings with it some nostalgia. I try to recall the circumstances that gave birth to the words. A lot of happy memories and sad ones too. Things that could have been… (pause), and things that should not have been…

So I hope you enjoy reading some of these posts. Please feel free to tell what you think about them.

Sometimes, looking back indeed does help one appreciate the future.

God bless.