Rock Bottom

My skies are dark; thick clouds obscure even the faintest hint of light
My world is cold; my heart colder still;
With one stroke, every iota of warmth sucked from within and without;

Yes the wind, such ferocity my life has scarcely experienced
Everything bows in its wake, my head and my pride inclusive;
Rain, torrents of misery cast upon my beleaguered soul…

Long I had thought this storm would pass
Long had I longed for but a sliver of golden ray

My feet have long become dead weights, unsure, so unsteady
When I begin to feel the purchase of solid ground, the next step, an icy cold murk bath
The vestiges of warmth receding with every drop
Cold like the tendrils of a wild vine creeping into my marrow;

Even if I were a vessel of the seas, such a tempest would my bows have overwhelmed;

How much lower can a man feel?
Even when I stumble upon some rare shelter amongst this bleakness
The elements do conspire and short-lived is my succour;

In my despair I abhor even myself, despising what I have let become
Oh God!… Oh God!…